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  1. Florian, I must admit that your write-up has fetched tears from my eyes. At your young age, you have decided to remain truthful first to yourself and then now to national issues. I have often read and reread your jokes which come around with a mixture of « elitisr » and at the same time « kwat » (franglais) jokes. This is only your opinion but believe me, the first « chef de terre » who reads it will think of sending gendarmes to arrest you. Why? We have a culture of doing things to please the president not to please the nation. I have always written or said everyhere I pass that a true patriot is one who will stop just to listen to the cry of part of the nation-entity. The reason of the cry, founded or not takes second place.
    Younger brother, believe me, the trouble in Cameroon is that francophones were raised to believe that ..ces gens sont inferieurs… leurs anglais la, la parler c’est se rabasser et leur faire plaisir! You see from this premise, many have not taken the time like you did, many have not emptied their minds of prejudice as you did, many didnot think of blood being more precious than a flag (a piece of cloth) as you did!
    The problem is not that of anglophones against francophones. Some of us, (on both sides) decide to listen and quote sources that do not master the issue or do not know how to articulate the issues. Some even call the Builders of this nation esp. from the English angle traitors (done mostly by anglophone counterparts) forgetting that these guys were armed only with a Teachers’ Grade 2 Certificate, no Tv, Cellphone and…android! Besides Enugu and Lagos, many had never been anywhere. Today, we have almost a million Cameroonians with the Ph.D. uncountable numbers with multiple master degrees. etc etc, but what do we use them to do? Your answer will be as good as mine.
    The day Paul Biya, the present ruler of cameroon decided to stand up to the challenge and restore love for one another and thus PATRIOTISM; it would take him 24hours! The trouble is that many people are gaining from the chaos. I live in Stuttgart Germany, and there is no situation where a Cameroonian corps has been above us to send home for decent burial, but we live exactly as at home. Two Cameroonian meetings, one for Francophones with a few anglophones and vice versa. But in the Bar/Restuarants, you do not notice any dichotmy. So why is keeping us apart except some « cliches » brought from our homes?
    God bless you and stay healthy. Less Castel and less Djomba will keep those your brains always together so that we read more from them. Learn more English petit frere, if we survive this challenge of national unity together, then youths like you are « truly » our tomorrow.

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